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When Gloria Morris started her first company in 2002 she didn't quite know how it would evolve but she knew that it would involve community involvement.  GIA Marketing - a marketing company working almost exclusively with groups, industries and associations - has worked with dozens of  small businesses and community organizations helping them with everything from building their customer databases to integrating all of their online channels and launching their digital campaigns.  She built her own wellness brand in Chicago back in 2015 (Float Sixty) and has she recently opened one of her locations in Northwest Indiana where she was born and raised.  Opening a business in her own backyard has given her the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community.

There are so many non-profits doing tremendous things in the community and our goal is to make sure people know it.
— Gloria Morris

When Gloria had the idea to launch a podcast/radio show that highlighted the good work in the community she didn't hesitate to tap her childhood friend of 35 years - Jenifer Vargo Okamura as her co-host.  Jen is the Director of Development for Hospice Area of Calumet and has always had the heart for working with and for people. Her career in human services has taken her in many different directions, but for the past five years, Vargo-Okamura has brought her expertise and compassion to Hospice of Calumet Area and the Northwest Indiana community.  Learn more about Jen.

Johnny Irwin is starting his senior year at Lake Central High School and has already dedicated dozens of hours to the community giving back.  He is working with the initiative as a producer and is helping with our production schedule, technology & social media and overall show logistics.  He is also Gloria's son and she is very proud of him! 

Our goal for the Speaking of Charity initiative is to bring awareness to 15-20 non-profits in the next 12 months by interviewing their leadership, learning about their histories and creating a platform for sharing their good news.  We need your help in identifying these individuals and organizations so please take a minute to nominate now!  Our second objective is to create a pool of resources that generate extra hands and financial contributions to "give back" to those who give back!

  Drop us your name if you are interested in being part of our volunteer team!


meet the speaking of charity team


Gloria morris - founder & host

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jenifer vargo okamura - co-host

johnny irwin - producer